Name: Andrea Bonfili

Birth date: 14/07/1971
Birthplace: Roma
Resides: Anzio
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 78 kg
How long you've been riding: since 1986
Year got sponsored: 1996
Other Sponsors: Protest, Onami Surf House
Music: all
Heroes: Hulk
Favorite movies: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Favorite word: Ciao
Favorite food: Pasta
Favorite video game: Onimusha, Resident Evil
Favorite surfer mag: Surfer
Favorite trick: everything I can do
Top 3 activities besides Surfing: yoga, running, swimming
Video appearances: none
Top 5 competition achievements: 1° Lidogarda Anzio 2000; 4° place Italian tour 2003
Surf influences: Tom Curren, Bruce Irons
Top 3 Non-surfing Influences: My Grandfather
Inspirations: Mother Nature
Favorite article of clothing: Hooded Fleece
Best thing about surfing: open your mind
Worst thing about surfing: stupid posers
Best place to ride: Hossegor
Worst place to go: San Diego
Words of wisdom: Let It Be!
Thank you to… God for Waves
Source: DC

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