Antonio Rinaldi
Surfista della costa Livornese, è già qualche anno che partecipa alle tappe di campionato Italiano.

Name : Antonio Rinaldi - Year: 1978
Sponsors : Billabong, Etnies, Verticale board-shop
Stance : Goofy
Favourite Spots : Indo outer reefs
Favourite Surfers : Taj, Andy, Kelly
Favourite food : Pizza
What's on your iPod now ? Zebrahead
Favourite Movie : Goonies
Favourite quote ? "Carpe diem"
Place you wanna go surf ? Mentaway
Best trip ? Indo
Main Shaper : Alberto Galletti  (RT Surfboards)
All time favourite board : RT flame (6.0-19-2.30)
Who or What inspires you ? My dreams
Who do you look up to ?  All the people
Other interests :  Psycology, Meditation, Music, Gymn, Reading


First wave ?
  Le Cavaliers  right (Anglet)
First board ?  An old Town&Country  6.1
First barrel ?    Minicapo Sardinia Island
First contest ?   A friendly competition
First trip ?       Sardinia Island
First love ?      My mommy
First surf video you saw ? Endless Summer Two
First magazine ? Surfer Magazine
Last wave ? Ansedonia "Cartello Point"
Last kiss ? Last night
Last party ? Yesterday, the last surfing-day
Last trip ? Indonesia
Last thing you broke ? My surfboard
Last thing that made you cussed out loud ? Can't go surfing today!!!!!
Last DVD you watched ? "Shades of Bali"
Last magazine you read ? Surf-session
Last website you checked ?
Last board ?  6.1-
Last wipe out ? Yesterday (Ansedonia Point)
Last injury ? Yesterday (a cut to my feet)




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