Il famoso brand Brasiliano "Mormaii" continua a sostenere Alessandro Piu, e ne risalta i recenti risultati sul proprio portale WEB internazionale...




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Alessandro Piu is the Italian vice champion


The Italian Surfing Circuit is over and the athlete Alessandro Piu got the second place. Even though he performed good maneuvers, he couldn t outdo Nicola Bresciani, who was the winner in the dispute among the best two competitors of the 2006 circuit.

The 1º Bova Contest Invitational was performed in the region of Calabria, in the south of Italy. The waves were up to 1 meter. The round ended on December 17.

Alessandro Piu is supported by Mormaii Italy, wears wetsuits, sunglasses and surfboards of the brand name. The athlete has been evolving quite a lot since he started to be part of Mormaii team. His second place, achieved in the Open category is a proof of this, what facilitates the work developed by Mormaii in Europe.  Alessandro Piu got the second place.



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