Brad Gerlach e il suo compagno Mike Parsons vincono il Billabong XXL con un onda presa a Todos Santos (Mex) il 21/12/2005 di ben 68ft...

Gerlach commenta cosi':

"When I caught that wave I didn't really know how big it was, The swell was still building and it was the last wave of the day, just before it got dark, so I was just hoping to get one more.   When I kicked out of the wave everyone just went don't know what's behind you when you're on it.  I've been surfing Todos Santos for a long time, but that was the most amazing day I've ever seen."

Da sottolineare che Mike Parson vinse nel 2001 la stessa gara con un onda di 61ft presa a Cortes Bank.


Nella categoria Paddle vince il Chileno Diego Medina, con un onda presa a  Punta Lobos spot a sud di  Santiago Chile.

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