ImageIl fenomeno continua ad essere il più grande surfista di tutti i tempi, vincendo il secondo evento dell'anno e il suo 3° rip Curl Pro a Bells Beach con pinne FCS. Con onde dai 3 ai 6 piedi, ecco come ha affrontato kelly la sua scelta di pinne FCS per la finale...

In finale Kelly monta le sue pinne K-3 fins per la vittoria su to Bede Durbidge.
Come cambiano le condizioni Kelly cambia dalle  K-3 alle K2.1 per avere più confidenza e poter ottenere il massimo. Dopo aver suonato nuovamente la campana, Kelly commenta cosi' la sua scelta durante il contest.

Nel primo round le onde erano grandi, pertanto ho optato per le K-3 s, ho poi sccelto di passare alle K2.1 quando le onde si sono lisciate. In finale sono tornato sulle K-3 perchè ho capito che in quella situazione sarebbero state perfette.


Kelly says, "the FCS K3 Fins fins are perfect for down the line walls and long turns. I actually started using the FCS K3 fins 3 years ago when I needed a better fin for the long walled waves at Rincon. Now I've been on the FCS K3 s for over three years. They have been my magic set. I originally designed the k2.1 with beach breaks and barrels in mind, and I still use them in these sorts of conditions. With the FCS K3 s and the k2.1 s you should be set for pretty much any sort of waves you find." - Kelly Slater

Kelly has really put the FCS K3 fins to the test over the past 3 years he s had a lot of CT wins on them, J-bay twice, Bells this year Trestles last year just to name a few . FCS is really excited to offer the K3 s up on his behalf. They complete the fin quiver that he draws from on tour. Said FCS s Tyler Callaway, "the FCS K3 fins are available in Performance Glass for a stiff, traditional feel which are the exact same fin that Kelly Slater rode to his 8th world title. The FCS K3 fins are also available in Glass Flex and FCS s Composite material that mimics the flex properties of glass and is precision molded."

The FCS K3 fin template is a bit deeper and features slightly less base area than the K2.1 with a smaller more raked tip. This will allow the K3's to provides drive and the ability to draw out longer arcing turns. With a rigid base combined with a tapered flexible tip results in a progressive flex pattern, for quick rail transitions and forgiving performance in sticky situation. All of this combined with the responsive materials of Glass Flex and Performance Glass produces the K3 a fin that turns incredibly tight through snaps due to the added flex in the tip. The FCS Flex fixture was used to measure the flex pattern of Kelly s magic set. So that the same flex pattern could engineered into the K3 Glass Flex version.

The refined foil allows efficient water flow, minimizing drag and cavitation. The FCS K3 Fins are an aesthetically striking fin, featuring 8 concentric circles to represent Kelly s 8 world titles.

FCS K3 Fin size:
Base 4.45 in. 113 mm
Depth 4.61 in. 117 mm
Area - 15.11 in 9750 mm

Base 4.28 in. 109 mm
Depth - 4.41 in. 112 mm
Area 14.22 in. 9172 mm
Sweep - 31.0


more info on the FCS system



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