Roberto D_Amico
In occasione dell'uscita del suo ultimo video "Mediterranean Dreamer", che ha avuto oltre 12.000 visualizzazioni su Vimeo, Roby D'Amico viene contattato dall'ASP per una intervista ...e parla anche un po' della scena italiana....

Hey Roberto, congrats on your new clip ! Tell us a little bit about it..
 - Well unfortunately surfing in Italy as I say in the video, is not the main sport of the country. There are not waves every day that allow you to practice.. There are times of the year when the sea seems to turn into a lake, and I assure you that it’s really hard..
Many times I’ve received new boards and had to wait up to a month before trying them. I also had to go to a pro junior competition without having surfed in twenty days, but every time there are waves we just hope it doesn’t stop again..
How do you compare it to the other waves you surf ?
 - Thanks to Quiksilver I began to travel and see many different places in the world, and I’ve been able to train a lot more. But honestly when I’m away and I see that the forecasts for Italy are good, I would love to just teleport home ! It’s definitely not consistent, but when the swell is right, there are some unbelievable waves that you would never expect there !
How do people react to where you’re from ?
 - Travelling I’m often asked where I come from, and when I say Rome most people just wonder: DO YOU HAVE WAVES IN ITALY? ?
This is exactly what led us to produce the video as a mediterranean dreamer, showing that surf does exist in Italy and it can be really good ! We almost filmed it all in October, we were lucky enough to get two good swells in a row making the most possibile in a short time.
What about the local contest scene there ?
 - I remember many years back that EPSA made a couple of events in Italy and Italian people started to believe in that sport improving a lot. Nowadays it seems we have stepped back again. Up until two years ago we had a really exciting race for the Italian Champ’ Title, this year we didn’t even have a comp yet !
I hope so much that in 2013 the surf in Italy goes back to being what it was, with a true national team going to the ISA. Showing that even a place like ours have good surfers like Angelo Bonomelli, Ramon Taliani, Leo Fioravanti, Ale Piu and Mattia Morri for example.”
Thank’s for your time and have fun in your winter travels !

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