LUNCHBREAK Short Surf Film


Winner: 'Best Short Film' New York Surf Film Festival 2011

Produced & Directed by Clare Plueckhahn & Fran Derham

Written by Fran Derham
Director of Photography -Clare Plueckhahn
Edited by Sara Edwards
Styling By Amie Francis
Water Footage - Talon Clemow

2nd Unit Camera - Asher King

Arial Footage by High Alpha Media
Pilot - Ben Lodge, Camera Operator - Franziska Link

Serena Brooke, Ellie-Jean Coffey, Laura Enever, Codie Klein, Felicity Palmateer, Tyler Wright, Kirby Wright, Dru Adler, Cahill Bell Warren, Jason Jameson, Noah Lane, Brent Savage, Ty Watson, Kai Hing & Alyssa Lock

'Banshee' - Teleprompter
'Vox Populi (lifelike Treatment)' - Jupiter
'We Run the Night' - Tonite Only


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