21-03-2019 - Sì, i migliori surfisti europei sotto i 13 anni si troveranno a Costa de Caparica, in Portogallo, dal 17 aprile al 20 aprile per il MATTAgameON.

I criteri di selezione erano basati sulla classifica under-12 del 2018 dalle loro regioni di 12 paesi diversi. MATTA ha invitato i 2 migliori surfisti di questi paesi, solo dalla Russia arriverà un solo surfista.

L'aspettativa è alta quando tutti questi ragazzini sono i migliori surfisti in Europa di questa età.

Michele Scoppa - National Champion under -12 from West Coast Rome , Italy 11 years old
Samuel Manfredi - Vice National Champion under -12 from Molo Di Viareggio, Italy 11 years old
Brando Giovanonni – From Viareggio, Italy, 13 years old (Wildcard)

Martim Brandão – Vice National Champion under -12, local from Albufeira
Salvador Vala - From Carcavelos, Portugal, 11 years old.

Lukas Skinner - National Champion under -12 from Cornwall, England 11 years old
Fynn Gillespie – Vice National Champion under -12 Local from Cornwall, England 12 years old

Inigo Madina – Vice National Champion under -12, local from Hendaye

James Cloney - National Champion under -12 from Barrtra Lahinch Co Clare Ireland, 13 years old
Henry Ferguson - Vice National Champion under -12 from Killiney Bay aka ‘k bay’ , Dublin, Ireland, 12 years old

Canary Islands
Nahuel Selandri - Canary Vice Champion under -12 from Left of La Santa, Lanzarote, 11 years old
Dylan Donegan - Canary 3rd under -12 from Beach Famara, Lanzarote, 11 years old

Iker Sagarzazu - 3rd Spanish & Canary Champion under -12 from Playa del Hombre, Gran Canaria, 12 years old
Mateo Vasquez - From Gijon, 11 years old

Pieter Bas Boekee - From Scheveningen, 12 years old
Douwe Robroch - From Camperduin, 11 years old

Pelle Burmeister - From Germany, 13 years old
Tristan Straetz - From Biarritz, 8 years old

Jorre Claeys - From Mariakerke, Ostend, 11 years old
Lars Peerers - From Belgium, 12 years old

Taha Tehraoui - From Casablanca, 11 years old
Tareq Tehraoui - From Casablanca, 13 years old

Nikita Petrov - From Russia, 10 years old

MATTA wildcards
Marco Albacete - From Torremolinos, Spain, 9 years old
Alvaro de la Fuente - From Playa de la Barrosa, Spain, 11 years old
Brando Giovanonni – From Viareggio, Italy, 13 years old
Axel Dominguez - From France, 13 years old. Axel won the MATTA sponsoring on the last edition of the MATTAgameON
Hugo Prins - From France, 13 years old
Conor Donegan – From Beach Famara, Canary Islands, 13 years old;
Kekoa Hummel – Local from of Matosinhos, Portugal, 11 years old
Kai Schmitz – From Germany and local of Tenerife, 9 years old
Joao Roque Pinho – Local from Guincho, Portugal,13 years old;
Luc Bier – Local from Tartane, Martinique, 10 years old
Enrique Yebra Alonso – Local from Canteras Beach, Canary Islands, 12 years
Gustavo Viana – Local from Santa Cruz, Portugal, 10 years old

MATTA Princesses wildcards
Lauren Sandland – From Cornwall, England, 13 years old
Lilo Mazoyer – From Seignosse, France , 13 years old

Wild Cards from MATTAgameON Instagram Contest
Aitzol Aginaga From Sopelana, Spain, 13 years old
Alejo Valido From Barcarola, Canary Islands, 9 years old
Danel Lajas From Zurriola, Spain, 13 years old

Local Wildcard
Afonso Silva from Costa de Caparica, Portugal, 13 years old

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