European Action Sports26-01-2011 - European Action Sports (ASPOM) offre un'ampia possibilità in Europa di opportunità di lavoro....
nell'ambito degli Action Sports Industry, come Sales Agents, Distributors o Website.

Current Job Offers

• Globe is looking for Customer Service person for Germany and Austria M/F,
• Volcom is looking for a Retail development manager M/F,
• O'Neill France is looking for a Sales Rep South East Area M/F,
• Hawaii Surf is looking for an Order/Warehouse Assistant M/F,
• Heelys is looking for a Salesrep/Brand Promoter M/F.

Current Distribution Offers:

• TWOTHIRDS is looking for Sales Representatives and Distributors to cover Europe, 
• NOMAD SKATEBOARDS is looking for Distributors to cover Europe, 
• HOT TUNA is looking for Distributors to cover Europe,
• MOJO is looking for Distributors to cover Europe,
• HOFF is looking for Distributors in East & North Europe


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