Tyler Manson
Gli amici di Beach Bum Lovers (http://beachbumlovers.blogspot.com ) hanno fatto questa bella intervista.

Da pochi giorni è uscito in Italia Hishredability , un programma tv che segue molti dei personaggi e degli eventi che appaiono sui post del blog.

In esclusiva per voi, abbiamo intervistato Tyler Manson, regista di Beach Blanket Burnout e creatore di questa trasmissione.

From where does Hishreability came out?How did this project begin?
I moved from San Francisco to New York City to help open the Mollusk Surf Shop out there...I was living in this little art studio just down the block from the Vice Magazine office's and ended up meeting Jake Burghart just through skateboarding around the neighborhood. He was already working at VBS and wanted to start a surf show of some sort...I had been making short experimental surf films and I think just over a few beers we talked ourselves into shooting a couple pilot episodes of an untitled surf show for VBS.tv. That is when we did the Rockaway episode and the Montauk episode. Then about a week later I ran into my friend Rip who is always full of good catch phrases and asked him, "what should we call our surf show?" and without hesitation he yelled..."HI SHRED-ABILITY!!!!"

According to you, how does the show work? what is it about?
The show is about cutting through all of the phony corporate branding of surfer's to sell this or that, and just cut to the core of who they really are....trying to pick an average day in their life and document it in a very honest and raw way. We try to pick subjects that represent ever facet of surfing we are interested in form competitors, to artists, environmentalists, to burn outs and everyone in between. Anyone that would hold your attention while shooting the shit at your local bar.

What do you wanted to pass on with this kind of broadcast?

We weren't trying to do anything too special here, but I guess document the culture we're apart of and try to make a subtle statement about the surfing era we have landed in, which is great...it's open...it's fun...it's progressive...it's creative...we just wanted to showcase what we were seeing and living at the time.

Tell us the future of Hishredability..do you have other seasons sheduled?
We currently are running episode to episode and not season to season...Jake and I have moved onto other projects, but if the right time comes, we will work together again on future hi shred shows...finger's crossed!


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