White Wash, the documentary - Trailer

Rob Machado, Pro Surfer
Rick Blocker, Black Surf Historian
Rusty White, Surfer
Andrea Kabwasa, Surfer
Dedon Kamathi, Surfer
Kelly Slater, Pro Surfer
Sal Masekela, Surfer and Television Host
Patrick "Quashi" Mitchell, Founder, Quashi Surfboards International
Dr. Audwin Anderson, Sports Sociologist, Texas State University
Dr. Mark Chapman, Chair, African American Studies, Fordham University
Dr. Doug Flamming, Bound for Freedom: Black Los Angeles in Jim Crow America, Georgia Tech University
Pohaku Stone, University of Hawaii
Bruce Wigo, President, International Swimming Hall of Fame
Sam George, Surf Historian and Film Maker
Buttons Kaluhiokalani, Surfer
Lee Pitts, Swim Historian and Instructor
Dr. John Hoberman, Author, Darwin’s Athletes, University of Texas
James Meredith, Integrated University of Mississippi, 1962
Alison Jefferson, Santa Monica Historian
Dr. Charles Ross, Director, African American Studies Program, University of Mississippi
Billy Mystic, Jamaican Surf Team
Solana Lansdowne, Surfer
David Lansdowne, Surfer
Michael Green, Surfer, Founder, Brooklyn Surfer



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